A Diverse Range

Of Unit Types

The condos are being made dual key which means that one condo will be divided into two so that it can act as two residents as well. This is available for the two and above bedrooms condos. The residential units are as such:

The Perfect Size for Starting Out.

One-Bedroom Units

The one bedroom unit is the cheapest of all the condos and has just one bedroom, one bathroom, one living area and one kitchen. This is the perfect space for a person who lives alone. The unit is totally air conditioned and also well ventilated. The rooms are built as such that the outside light comes in easily and you will not feel any suffocation. The kitchen and the bathrooms are fixed with some ultra-modern equipment for the comfort of the residents.

Have confidence in your room to grow.

Two-Bedroom Units

The two bedroom units consist of two rooms, one living area, one kitchen area and two attached bathrooms. These are ideal for the small families or a couple. The rooms are fully furnished, and the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, has all the modern amenities. If you have a room on the top floors, you will also be given a balcony that gives a beautiful view for the residents of the 6th floor and above.

Space for the whole Family.

Three-Bedroom Units

“These are the most luxurious units of all. They have three bedrooms with attached bathrooms. All the rooms are big in size. There is one kitchen with all the modern appliances and a big living area. The whole house is beautifully furnished, and there is nothing that is lacking. In addition to this, there are some condos with a personal terrace and a big balcony that can be used as an outer sitting area. The indoor swimming pools and indoor gyms are also available in some luxury condos which can only be accessed by the residents living in the particular condo. The view from the top most floors is beautiful, and this is the best luxury that you can experience in today‚Äôs time in Singapore.”

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