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The Martin Modern Condo is well equipped and has an incredible range of facilities.

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Some of the other features of this property are a huge swimming pool that will be available to all the residents. Also, there is the Marina Barrage that can be used for the recreational aquatic activities. In addition to these, there is a huge barbeque area for having huge gatherings over dinner or lunch.

There is a well-furnished clubhouse with all the indoor gaming facilities and a fully functional bar for the adults to hang out. There is also a Function room for the residents to hold parties and gatherings at. For the kids, there are green spaces like parks and playgrounds which can be accessed by all the kids. Even the less depth swimming pools are available for the smaller children that want to learn how to swim. The whole property is located in an area of 15,936 sqm metres and will consist of a total 450 units.

Enjoy an awesome swimming pool with your family.

A Large Swimming Pool

They have a plan to develop a huge pool or a marina barrage for all the residents to host many recreational aquatic activities like pool games. The pool is spread in front of the buildings and is easily visible from the top floors. The pool can be accessed by all the residents at all times of the day. There are special provisions for the kid’s pools like an instructor or a guard who would teach the kids how to swim or keep them safe.

Since Martin Modern is a luxury condo residential area there are some indoor pools also available for some executive rooms and the penthouses. If you do not wish to go out and swim with the other residents then you can take a swim at your own indoor pool with your families and friends. You can easily host pool parties and enjoy the luxury of the Martin Modern Condo.

Space for all the events you could possibly host.

The Function Room

If you want to host a big gathering or a party with lots of guests that can not be fit in the proximity of your house, then the Martin Modern has the solution for you. They have some big function rooms for these situations. You can host your birthday parties of gatherings in these rooms. You do not have to look out of your area for a venue. This will cost you way less than doing it at a hotel and also the best part is that you can stay in the comfort of your own house. The Function rooms are accessible to all the residents of the area and can be accessed by anyone.

Have easy access to the condo’s own barbecue pit

Barbecue & Clubhouse

For the people who want to hang out with their friends. You do not have to go any further than your building since their is a clubhouse available in your locality. The residents are the members of the clubhouse and there are all the facilities available for the residents from small indoor gaming area to the small indoor bar. You can go there for a couple of drinks and enjoy with your buddies. If this is not what you want to do then they provide barbeque areas to host some get togethers over barbeque. There are barbeque areas also available in the condos as well for the people who want to have a private barbeque parties and not involve all the people of the locality.”

Get ready for the occassional barbecue
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